Important Message From Pastor Keith Regarding COVD-19 and Worship Services

Dear Chapel family,

On Wednesday March 18 our Elders, Trustees and Pastors after a week of watching and praying met over an issue we thought we would never face to make a decision we thought we would never make.

In addressing the Coronavirus pandemic, we have suspended services for two weeks.

In light of clear evidence and advice from our Nation’s highest office we have moved to suspend Sunday worship services and all meetings for two weeks (March 22 and March 29).

What does that mean?

Our morning service, afternoon service, Sunday school and Wednesday prayer service will not be meeting for two weeks. In addition, Men’s Prayer Fellowship and Ladies Christian Fellowship meetings are suspended. After this period, we will reevaluate and report back to you on March 31.

Why would we do this? To protect our Chapel family, most of which are in the risk and high-risk group.

Our concern is twofold: Your spiritual and physical wellbeing. And so, the question is, how can we feed our Chapel family spiritually while protecting their physical health?

Here’s what we are doing.

1. Social distancing will slow, if not stop, the spread of this disease.

            At the very least it will protect those who practice it.

2. Pastor Keith’s message will be recorded and, on the website, to view Sunday.

3. Church office hours will remain the same 9:00 – 1:00 pm Monday to Friday.

4. Pastors will be available to meet and pray with Chapel family.

5. Board members will be making care calls to our Chapel family.

Pastor Keith

7 Comments on “Important Message From Pastor Keith Regarding COVD-19 and Worship Services”

  1. Thank you Pastor Keith ,
    I am looking forward to your Sunday service
    I can’t wait until this is all over and we all can worship together again
    Praying for your health and strength
    Doris Clifford

  2. I imagine how hard this decision was for you, Pastor Keith, to make. I know how much you love your Chapel Family. Know that whatever decisions you make for us, at this time, I stand by you. I pray for you and Patti and all our chapel family as well as for all of earth at this time. I truly believe that God will bring good from this, as he has promised so many times before. I, myself, have chosen to look for something good every day and thank God for it. Bless you and God Bless America.

  3. We are so sad that this has happened but we are confident that good will come out of this situation. May God bless you as you still “shepherd” the fllock..just in a different way.Our prayers are with you all.Love our Chapel Family Tim and Barb Pfost

  4. Dear Pastor Keith, How sad it is that my (our) pastor had to prepare this message and then have to share it with an empty church. Pastor Keith, I love you and thank you for this powerful message. God is in control and yes we will all get through this. This too will pass. Be strong and care about one another as tomorrow will come. The rainbow will appear and the storm will be over. Remember to thank God for each new day. I am so glad and blessed to have had this message delivered by my pastor. Thank you and God bless you and Patti. Love you both.

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