In-Person Worship 9:40 a.m.

August 26, 2020

Dear Chapel family,

The Board voted unanimously to resume in-person worship service and so I am excited to announce our new target date!

It is Sunday September 13 at 9:40 A. M.

Last Saturday we gave an open invitation to those who wanted to view the recording of my weekly message. We will continue that for two more weeks. After that, Saturday recording sessions will cease in favor of having Sunday services.

We request every person register with the office before attending any of these services.

By doing so you help us keep you safe.

Register by phone 352-753-4144. You can register any time by leaving a message.

Register by email at Please register by the previous Thursday at 1:00.

Chapel Schedule for August and September

            Saturday August 30 at 1:00 Open invitation to Chapel family to view sermon recording.

            Saturday September 6 at 1:00 open invitation to view sermon recording.  Last one.

            Saturday recording sessions cease after September 6. We will record the Sunday service and have it on our website by midweek.


Opening Day!  Sunday 9/13 Sunday services begin. 9:40 A. M.

            Sunday 9/20 9:40 A. M. Regular service

            Sunday 9/27 9:40 A. M. Regular service

A reminder:

            Sermons will continue to be on the website, however they will not be posted by midweek.

For your safety:

            1. We request you pre-register to attend any of the above events.

                        This will help us to make sure we are prepared. I remind you with social distancing  our maximum capacity in the sanctuary is 96 people.

            2. We do have overflow capacity for 56 more individuals in the Creation Room. We now have two large screen TVs where the service is live-streamed.

            3. We require masks while in motion and masks while singing.

            4. We will take each person’s temperature when they arrive.

            5. We require you enter only through the front doors. Handicap entrance will be by the                            piano door.

            6. Social distancing is imperative. Please do not remove the blue tape that marks closed                         pews off.

A final note: While the virus is still active, the Board feels it is safe for us to meet. That is as long as we do not throw caution to the wind. We are all in this together. Let’s pull together in love abiding by practical safety measures.

Our expectation and requirement is that everyone will abide by the safety precautions we have set.

If conditions in The Villages change with the virus, we may adjust our plans.

We continue to pray for your safety and good health.

We continue to work doing all we can to preserve your health.

Gratefully in Christ,

Pastor Keith

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