Care Ministry

The function and focus of the Care Ministry is to help in meeting the needs of our Chapel Family.

Our Flower Ministry is one that brings joy to our shut-ins, be it at home, Nursing Homes or Assisted Living; when we take flower arrangements to them. It reminds them that we haven't forgotten them and we love them with the love of the Lord.

The God's Chariots Ministry will provide transportation when a person has a doctor appointment or scheduled for a test.

Helping Hand Ministry is when we will do light yard work or if some needs a small task done in the home we are here to help.

The Severe Storm Ministry is activated if there is a prediction for an upcoming storm with high winds. We will assign someone from the Chapel Family who is on the committee to go to their home and bring in any items that could become a projectile.

Sunshine and Cheer Ministry sends Praying for you, Encouragement, Thinking of you and Sympathy Cards to those who are going through a difficult time.

The Visitation Ministry is a real blessing to the Chapel Family. This committee visits those in the hospital, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living or getting Rehabilitation in a facility or at home. This ministry also makes phone calls.

Phone Calling Visitation Ministry. This is important in that someone who wants to be a part of visitation but is not able to get out, they will call the home bound to visit with them by phone. This serves two purposes, one letting the home bound get a call that makes them feel special. Also the person making the call feels like they are serving the Lord and the Chapel Family which is a very important ministry for them. Making such a call gives them both a chance to get acquainted with someone whom they have never met at church and many times make a new friend.

Our Care Ministry Theme Song is: “A Volunteer”
Our Care Ministry Motto is: “Help us help you by keeping us informed.”