Our Pastoral Staff

Senior Pastor Keith Johnson

As a Pastor for over 15 years, a husband for nearing 40 years and a father for nearly 35 years, God has blessed me with this life. I have the privilege of teaching the Word of God for a living and bringing along others in this journey. And yet, as this verse in the book of Philippians says, this life is not the ultimate goal. To one day be with my Savior is gain; that is the ultimate goal.

At the Chapel, we welcome and love people from all walks of life, understanding that God’s purpose for us is to love one another and follow Christ while we live so we may join Him one day in our true home and bring glory to Him. My commitment is to “Teach Truth and Love Well”. This is reflected in all I do. And it is reflected in the Chapels mission of “Loving people into a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ”. That is my personal heartbeat.

My own journey began when I came to know Christ 31 years ago. I soon felt the call to ministry and began my studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, where I obtained my ThM (Masters in Theology). There, I became an ordained minister and have served at the Chapel for 13 years.

Keith attended Dallas Theological Seminary from September 2000 to May 2006, where he graduated with his Master of Theology Degree (Th.M.). During his time there, he was ordained July 7, 2003 at Firewheel Bible Fellowship Garland TX.

In 2005, Keith coauthored a Bible study for non-believers for EvanTell Inc. with oversight by Dr. R. Larry Moyer and Dr. Charles Ryrie.

In 1994, Keith received the Evangelism award known as the Matthew 4:19 Award from EvanTell, Inc.

I’ve been blessed to be supported by my wife, Patti and my children, Sean, Jackie, and Megan. All our children have grown into adults, married and have found their abilities, gifts and talents in satisfying careers. Our son and his wife live in Texas and our daughters, and their husbands live in Florida. We anticipate with joy the days when we will become grandparents.

My wife Patti is also my best friend. She supports me and encourages me in ways that allow me to do all God has entrusted to me. She finds using her gifts and abilities in a Publicity/Communications role at the Chapel to be fulfilling and satisfying. She is also involved with a nonprofit, Care for Pastors (carforpastors.org), as an administrative assistant and enjoys her role ministering to pastors’ wives throughout the US and the world.

I love God and I love and serve people. Please seek me out if you visit the Chapel. I would love to meet you.