2 Comments on “4-3-22 ” What’s The Big Deal With Easter?” (Click to View Video)”

  1. Hello Pastor Keith !
    I admire how you pray for the president , you did for Trump too . I think this is the right thing to do to pray for whoever is the president . I do .
    What a wonderful message to lead us into the Easter celebration.
    Yes I have come to this point that I have sinned and Jesus died for me to forgive my sins . Thank you Lord .
    Thank you also for the people in the media room for making it possible for
    me to see and hear your message from so far away .
    I feel so blessed .

  2. Thank you Pastor Keith !
    Yes I believe in the Lord .
    Yes I believe in miracles every day I wake up is a miracle and the beauty
    around , all created by the Lord .
    I miss being at church , miss my church ,
    but I am so happy because of technology I get to see your message from the Lord .

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