One Comment on “5-29-22 “Letter To The Diligent Church That Lost It’s Love” (Click to View Video)”

  1. Hello Pastor Keith !
    Yes , Jesus is the center of my life .I pray for our church all the time .
    You do speak the word from the Lord , I feel that .
    I need to be more involved in our church . I miss my church .
    We do have a lot of really good volunteers, they are very dedicated .
    I know we need more , but I also see that we are a church of people of
    age . Many have limitations and probably would like to do more .
    I do hope so .
    I do hope people see the love of the Lord in me when they see me , because I love my Lord . I do fall short every day and pray that each next day I will do better .
    I feel a lot of love in our church .
    I remember the first time I fell in love with Jesus Christ and feel it everyday .
    It has changed my life a lot . Thank you so much for the reminder .
    I was a people pleaser and do find more joy in being a Lord pleaser .
    I thank everyone at church to make our church a loving church .
    It is so wonderful that I get the service this far away .
    Blessings to all

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